Yes, it's a real film.
From HD to good storytelling; we're now in the talent and skill phase.

February 2023

If you want to make a movie with your smartphone, what's stopping you?
The way forward is to stand at the center of everything and see where all the connections lead into the future.

January 2023

You Just Had to Go There Didn't YouWatch now (2 min) | Where do screenwriters get their ideas for movies? The same place you get yours.
We are at the precipice of evolution and it's just a matter of time that we find the story of all of us being generated by artificial intelligence.
Your wish has been granted, now go make your movie

December 2022

Now that we are near, it's time to look to new destinations
Sunday mornings with my parents, coffee, and guitars

November 2022

It’s a question you’ve most likely gone back to ponder on and changed the answer to many times. This is the one question unique to only humans: Who am…
Adapting to unexpected events is something you practice throughout your life so you can fly with broken wings
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